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This is an Online Version of a racing game normally played on squared paper: Each player starts a line at the start / finish line of a given circuit. One after another you prolong your line according to some rules until your line crosses the finish line. The first player crossing that line is the winner.

A Grid Race



Download the current Version of the game. Windows and Linux Version will always be free. When finding enough players I will put it also into Apple's App Store not for free because then I need a developper account, an expensive Qt Licence and so on..


RaceOnLine can only be played online. You need a unique account to play. This game runs on Linux, Windows, Mac and all mobile devices. There is no common user platform, so RaceOnLine manages its own platform.

If not checking above box, when logged in you are welcomed and you see three lists, the Race list, the User list and the Event list:

Race List

This is the list of races you can join. The list has three columns: To join a race you select any list entry. This opens the race info list, showing parameters of the selected race. For some seconds the last line of the info list shows a button to join the race. Press this to join!
Return to the race list by pressing the header of the race info list!
Entries of the race info list: The race list can be too long for your display. So you can filter the races you want to see. To do this, touch the header of the race list. Above the list the race filter dialog is opened. The dialog is closed by again touching the list header or by pressing the button on its top left corner. The race filter dialog offers combo boxes for these options:

User List

Here you can see, who currently is logged in. Again selecting a racer opens further info. The user list has three columns: Select a player to get more info. Furthermore you can "follow" the player to race against.
Return to the user list by touching the header of the player info list. Entries of the player info list:


After joining a race via the race list, the track is loaded and the display moves to the start / finish line of the track. The race starts after some waiting time to allow more players to join. If no other player joins, you have the chance to do a "Hotlap" against the current track record. For details see below.

The Track

The track is drawn on squared paper. See image at top. The start / finish line is vertical or horizontal. It’s length limits the number of players for the race. The track forms a ring starting and ending at this line. The ring divides the paper in a white region „inside track“ and a grey region „outside track“. Inside your car is faster and better steerable than outside.

An arrow besides the track defines the direction to go around. Going wrong direction causes a black flag for you.

A green line across the track defines a "jump line". If you cross it, your move will be doubled immediately. This may be good or bad for you!

Crossing a red line results in sudden death.

Track View

Initially the track view shows the area around the start/finish line in original scale. Pan the view with one finger or mouse to explore the complete track. Zoom the view with two fingers or the mouse wheel to see the whole track or any detail. Always you can rotate your smart device to landscape or portrait orientation to get the best view on current track part. When viewing the track, you find some symbols around the border of the view:
Track View

The Start

Each car is a symbol at a random grid line crossing the S/F - line. One car after another may move one square distance. The square corners around the moving car are marked by dots:
RaceOnLine Start

Click or touch a green dot to select your move. A blue line and dot now connects your symbol with the selected position. Confirm your choice by again selecting the move. Then your move is performed by shifting your symbol to the new position and drawing a line from your previous position to your symbol.


After the race is started you can see the simple principle of moving: RaceOnLine Move

This line also defines a vertical and horizontal „velocity“ in square units (VV,VH) of the car. In some sense the principle of moving realizes some „physics“: Kinetic energy and limited acceleration in „any“ direction.

Track Rules

Car Rules

Normally the Car Rules may lead to simple inequity depending on the order of moving: There is a special move to deal with this problems: The back-off move.

Back-Off Move

Additionally to M2 ( or MO2 ) you can skip the move.
Click your symbol if there is a green dot! Your symbol stays where it is, the next player may move. But you do not loose a move, it will be made up later and something more:
Normally the cars move one after another in the same order for every move. You can change this order with a back-off move: After doing a normal move later, you will be the first car in the order for subsequent moves.
But be careful: Another player may top the order with a later back-off !

There are two forms of back-off moves:


Always if you fail to hit the road with your move your car is outside the track. This will damage the car:

Moving Time

Every race has a limited thinking time for you to select a move.


If you are the only player who joined a race on a track which has a track record, you race against the track record holder. This is called a "hotlap". It is like a normal race with some special features:

ELO Ranking

RaceOnLine uses the same ranking method like chess. At the beginning your ranking rises easily, simply by finishing races faster than others. Later holding your ranking is more difficult.

Chat commands

The simple text chat allows you to give some commands to the server as long as the race is not started. Just type the command and commit the line. Up to now the following commands are supported:

Data privacy statement

RaceOnLine Copyright 2017 by Florian Mengedoht.